Our Adults

Our Adults

Integrity Bernedoodles adults used in our breeding program.


  • Tucker


    Meet Tucker! He is a beautiful standard poodle with a wonderful personality! He is so sweet and friendly. He has proven to produce super cute puppies with outstanding personalities. We are thankful to be able to use him in our breeding program. He is AKC registered.

    DOB: 03/27/2019

    Weight: 60 lbs

  • Ripley


    Meet Ripley! He is a Handsome standard poodle with a very laid back personality. He has a playful side, but also loves to snuggle. He is super friendly and loves everyone he meets. We feel he is a wonderful addition to our breeding program. He is AKC registered.

    DOB: 07/26/2020

    Weight: 50 lbs

  • Zeo


    Meet Zeo! He is a handsome standard poodle with a charming personality, he is very sweet and calm and when goin for a walk he loves to be right by our side.. He is genetic tested and clear to ensure the healthiest puppies. He is AKC registered. 

    DOB: 06/28/2020

    Weight: 60 lbs


  • Mindi


    Meet Mindi! She is a beautiful dog with a happy ,bouncy personality. She is a spunky girl and loves to run and roll in the grass, and even better, in the snow when she gets the chance!:) She can also be very calm and loves attention. She has beautiful puppies with outstanding markings and does a wonderful job caring for them. She is AKC registered.

    DOB: 12/06/2018

    Weight: 70 lbs

  • Lexi


    Meet Lexi! She is a friendly dog and loves attention. She is often right by my side and always wants to get just a lil' closer. Snow is a favorite of hers, she digs in it, sticks her face in it, rolls in it, and simply plays in it till she is covered in snow from head to toe!:) We always enjoy her adorable puppies! She is AKC registered.

    DOB: 12/03/2018

    Weight: 80 lbs

  • Kenzi


    Meet Kenzi! She was our first Bernese Mountain Dog and is the sweetest ever! She wants to go everwhere with us, and loves everyone she meets! Her favorite thing is riding on the back of the truck, head out over the side catching the wind,:) she even likes to just sit on the truck wherever it is parked. She enjoys playing with all of our puppies, even ones that aren't her own. She is AKC registered.

    DOB: 07/11/2016

    Weight: 85 lbs

  • Oakley


    Meet Oakley! She is the new dog here at Integrity Bernedoodles and we already love her sweet , cuddly, personality.:) We are expecting a litter from her this fall and we are excited to meet her puppies! She is AKC registered.

    DOB: 12/13/2020

    Weight: 80 lbs

  • Alexia


    Meet Alexia! She recently joined us at Integrity Bernedoodles and she fits in so well. She has a calm, laid back personality and we love having her here with us. She is known to have large litters and is a wonderful mom to her babies. She is AKC registered.

    DOB: 02/08/2021

    Weight: 80 lbs

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