About Integrity Bernedoodles

About Integrity Bernedoodles

our story

Our Story

Hello! We are Merlin & Crystal Good, a Christian family dedicated to helping you find your "new best friend". We had our first litter of Bernedoodles in July of 2018 and have loved our journey as a PA Bernedoodle breeder ever since!:)

We both always had a family dog while growing up and especially enjoyed the occasional litters of puppies! We got married in 2015 and were soon searching for a dog of our own. One day Merlin was at his uncle and noticed they had a litter of Bernese Mountain puppies, he immediately fell in love with the adorable puppies and called me asking if he should set up a time when we could go together to meet them. At that time I honestly didn't even know what a Berner looked like but was of course excited to see some puppies. We went to visit and had an enjoyable time with the cute, playful puppies. We decided we certainly wanted one and after a hard decision got it narrowed down to one puppy. A couple of weeks later Kenzi came to live with us in her new home!  She was so much fun and it wasn't long till we fell in love with the loyal, affectionate personality of the Berner. As she got older we started dreaming of having a litter of puppies. We were originally planning to breed her to a purebred Bernese but then heard about the Bernedoodle breed. After doing some research we decided to breed her to a poodle as we really liked what we saw with the combination of a Bernese and poodle. The option of having a dog with the Berner personality, but curlier, and with little to no shedding, plus a longer life span are a few of the reasons we chose the Bernedoodle breed. Kenzi's first litter of adorable Bernedoodles was born in July of 2018, she was a great mom and we thoroughly enjoyed that first litter, although it definitely was a learning experience. After realizing just how much we enjoyed raising that first litter we decided that raising puppies was something we wanted to do more often and a few months later brought home our second Berner, Shaina. Kenzi loved having a playmate and they got along very well... The next year we got three more Berners; Kasia, Lexi, and Mindi. They have all been wonderful additions and are the five Berners we still have today. They are all great moms and although the puppies definitely make our life busier we are always excited for a new litter... We enjoy the whole process; from the tiny newborns to the day when their excited new families come to take them home.

As one of the top bernedoodle breeders in Pennsylvania, our goal is to offer you "the best of bernedoodles" and operate with the utmost integrity. If you are looking for your new family member, feel free to contact us or start looking through our Bernedoodle puppies for sale!

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